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About Us

In the year 2014, Mr. Hardik Lodaliya & Mr. Chirag Vasani visualized an idea and eventually set up a company called Tissue Pharma. Quite shortly after, in 2017, they ventured into the global arena, and eventually founded the dynamic company of Tissue Overseas. With 2021, there came the foundation and rise of a new dawn called Weefsel Pharma! A fully functional manufacturing unit, producing Tablets & Capsules; along with Oral liquid or suspension products, having the certification of WHO-GMP. Our Manufacturing Facility and Head Office are located in Surat, Gujarat; while our Marketing Office is to be found in Bangalore, Karnataka.


Hardik Lodaliya Weefsel Pharma

Mr. Hardik Lodaliya

(B. Pharm, M. Pharm, Pharmaceutics)

With a Master’s Degree in tow, Mr. Hardik Lodaliya set up pace for taking up challenges in the most unconventional way. He set in motion plans for establishing a pharmaceutical unit, with a vision to deliver the best-in-class healthcare at affordable prices to One and All, Around the Globe! As the CEO of 2 leading companies, Mr. Lodaliya is unsurpassed in his energy, pursuit for excellence, eye for detail, and his passion for providing the ultimate in health care! He leads the Organization with his dedication and visionary directives for the company’s growth & future! He believes in getting work done on time, is time saved for creating better results!

Mr. Chirag Vasani

(B. Pharm, M. Pharm, Pharmaceutics)

A new age thinker, with dreams of making a difference in the pharmaceutical industry, Mr. Vasani is a force to reckon with. Limited only by the hours in a day, Mr. Vasani uses every moment in making a difference in the world of health care. A meticulous methodology for executing any task, is his personal ideology for perfection, which is the only way to success! He seeks every opportunity for streamlining processes, functions, and administration in the organization, to smoothen the workflow, and increase the efficiency of the man and machine, equally! 

Our Philosophy


To Create Best-In-Class Health Care Products and Services available to One and All at Affordable Costs!


Lead the Future of Weefsel Pharma through Unprecedented Quality, Persistent Innovation, and Safeguarding Our Planet!


Creating Affordable Medications, Exceeding Global Standards, and Patient’s Expectations, through a highly motivated and innovative team of Professionals, and a visionary panel of leaders aboard!