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At a glance

The pharmaceutical sector is one of the most prominent sectors today and owing to the increasing demand for drugs and medicines, the sector is scaling new heights with each passing day. We, at Tissue Overseas, are completely devoted to the motto of providing the perfect pharmaceutical products at our end with the help of the expertise of experience and learned professionals here. Our company is based in Surat, Gujarat and we have a strong national as well as international presence in the pharmaceutical market in terms of manufacturing, export and distribution of generic, branded and other allied pharmaceutical products.

At Tissue Overseas, we strive to outperform our contemporaries with our professional excellence and utmost care that we take while manufacturing the drugs and chemicals. There are almost 750 molecules that we work with along with 1700 dosage combinations that are being prepared, packaged, distributed and exported throughout the country and across the globe as well. Our company is a prevalent pharmaceutical brand in almost 30 countries spread across the length and breadth of the globe. You are bound to get the optimum quality products from our stores and that too, at extremely affordable prices. But at the same time, we never compromise with the quality and standard of substances because we always keep in mind the health factor while manufacturing the products.

As far as our reach is concerned, we have already expanded in the regions of Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle-East, Africa, CIS country and many more. Our services to these places include manufacturing, distribution and sales too that are being delivered with complete diligence and perfection as well. There are various dosage forms of our pharmaceutical products that we prepare according to the varied demands received from the clients across the country and the world. We are also equipped with the latest technology solutions and have an outstanding research and development that continue to hone their skills and incorporate those in the products prepared here.