Leading Arthritis Medicine Manufacturer and Supplier in India  

Weefsel Pharma is one of those very few pharmaceutical companies who are into pharma manufacturing and exporting, of a catalogue of core and allied pharmaceutical products but having a wide range of varieties and volume that is almost impossible to maintain for the long term. 

We feel proud to have been able to meet the persistent huge demand coming from the international market for almost all our categories. The category for arthritis medicines, like the other pharmaceutical drugs that we are manufacturing and exporting to numerous countries, has also successfully generated much demand.  

Products :

Product/Composition Strength View
Teriparatide Injection 750mcg View
Meloxicam Tablets 15mg, 7.5mg View
Hydroxychloroquine Tablets 200mg, 300mg, 400mg View
Glucosamine Capsules 1500mg, 250mg, 500mg, 750mg View
Glucosamine, Diacerein and Methyl Sulphonyl Methane Tablets 750mg + 50mg + 250mg View
Diacerein Capsules 50mg View
Dexamethasone Tablets 2mg, 4mg, 8mg View
Celecoxib Capsules 100mg, 200mg View
Alendronate Sodium Tablets 10mg, 35mg, 70mg View
Aceclofenac Injection 150mg/ml View

What are Arthritis Medicines? 

Arthritis is a term often used to mean any disorder that affects joints. Symptoms generally include joint pain and stiffness. There are also some other symptoms like redness, warmth, swelling, and decreased range of motion of the affected joints. In some typical types of arthritis, certain organs other than joints, are also affected. 


Major Types of Arthritis Medicines 

There are over 100 types of arthritis. The most common forms are osteoarthritis, which is a degenerative joint disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. 

  • Osteoarthritis is the kind of arthritis that usually occurs with age and affects the fingers, knees and hips.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that often affects the hands and feet. 
  • Other types include gout, lupus, fibromyalgia and septic arthritis. They are all types of rheumatic disease. 


Different dosage forms available for Arthritis Medicines manufactured by Weefsel Pharma

  • Tablets 
  • Capsules
  • Injections 


Additional requirements 

At times, some sort of surgery or a proper kind of physiotherapy along with the medications paces up the recovery rate for some patients. One thing to be noted here is that even the physiotherapy has to be done only by professionals as the slightest mistake might bring serious issues in this matter.