Weefsel Pharma - A Market Leading Chlorzoxazone Tablets Manufacturer and Exporter in India 

As a globally reputed pharmaceutical manufacturing and exporting company, we at Weefsel Pharma are responsible for delivering only the finest core and allied pharmaceutical products. It is an absolute honour as well as pleasure, to have been able to create a stable market across more than fifty nations. 

The vast catalogue of pharma products that we are maintaining with these countries include a wide range of both branded as well as generic medicines. Speaking of which, Chlorzoxazone is a name that has generated much demand. We, as a market leading chlorzoxazone tablets manufacturer and exporter in India, are maintaining world-class standards in each of our production units.


Combinations of Chlorzoxazone Tablets Manufactured by Weefsel Pharma

  • Diclofenac + Paracetamol + Chlorzoxazone
  • Diclofenac Potassium BP + Paracetamol IP + Chlorzoxazone USP

Products :

Product/Composition Strength View
Painbar MR Tablets 50mg + 325mg + 250mg View
Diclofenac, Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone Tablets 50mg + 325mg + 250mg View
Aceclofenac, Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone Tablets 100mg + 325mg + 250mg View

What is a Chlorzoxazone Tablet?   

Chlorzoxazone is a pharmaceutical drug, which is primarily known as a muscle relaxant. It is usually prescribed along with some rigorous physiotherapy and analgesics to treat stiffness and pain caused by a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. 


How do Chlorzoxazone Tablets work? 

The mechanism of action in case of the chlorzoxazone tablets, is considered to be working upon the Gaba-A and B receptors, and voltage-gated calcium channels to an extent. 

Chlorzoxazone inhibits degradation of mast cells, and eventually prevents the release of histamine and slow-reacting substance of anaphylaxis (SRS-A), mediators of type I allergic reactions. It is also considered to be helpful in reducing the release of inflammatory leukotrienes. 

So far the researches go, chlorzoxazone is supposed to work by inhibiting the influx of calcium and potassium, that might lead to neuronal inhibition and muscle relaxation. Observations from animal experiments as well as that of human beings, have shown chlorzoxazone working predominantly upon the spinal cord and subcortical areas of the brain; where it inhibits multisynaptic reflex arcs involved in producing and maintaining skeletal muscle spasms.


When to avoid taking Chlorzoxazone Tablets? 

  • Allergic reactions 
  • Liver problems 
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women 


Popular Diseases or Health Issues treated by Chlorzoxazone Tablets 

  • Acute painful musculoskeletal conditions


Popular Brand Names of Chlorzoxazone Tablets

  • Remular-S 
  • Parafon Forte DSC 
  • Relaxazone 
  • Eze D.S. 
  • Remular 
  • Strifon Fort
  • Lorzone 
  • Paraflex 
  • Muscol 


Substitutes of Chlorzoxazone Tablets 

  • Aromatic heteropolycyclic compound 
  • Aryl chloride 
  • Aryl halide 
  • Azacycle 
  • Azole 
  • Benzenoid 
  • Benzoxazolone 
  • Heteroaromatic compound 
  • Hydrocarbon derivative 
  • Organic nitrogen compound 
  • Organic oxide 
  • Organic oxygen compound 
  • Organochloride 
  • Organohalogen compound 
  • Organonitrogen compound  
  • Organooxygen compound 
  • Organopnictogen compound 
  • Oxacycle  
  • Oxazole