Weefsel Pharma - Dry Powder Injection Manufacturer and Exporter in India 

To a great extent, the dry powder injections that Weefsel Pharma happens to manufacture and export across the globe, is responsible for pushing the pharmaceutical company as one of the market leaders of recent times. Weefsel Pharma is meeting bulk requirements of this particular product across multiple countries and creating a benchmark for the industry.

Products :

Product/Composition Strength View
Ceftrisel 1gm Injection 1000mg View
Ceftrisel SB Injection 1000mg + 500mg View
Cefosel SB Injection 1000mg + 500mg View

What is a Dry Powder Injection?

There are certain drugs that seem to be extremely sensitive and unstable in an aqueous environment. Even the slightest span of exposure can cause much damage to these drugs. Hence they require the manufacturing, packaging, storage, and shipping, to be done in the state of powder or lyophilized form, in order to keep the product safe and stable during its shelf life. 


Different Excipients used for Dry Powder Injection

  • Gelatin 
  • Cellulose 
  • Cellulose derivatives 
  • Polyvinylpyrrolidone 
  • Starch 
  • Sucrose 
  • Polyethylene glycol 


What makes Weefsel Pharma one of the leading Dry Powder Injection Manufacturers in India?

  • As one of the adept dry powder injection manufacturers in India, Weefsel Pharma has made its global reputation by providing affordable and world class quality dry powder injections. We are already accountable for strict time bound delivery to 50+ countries and more than 5000 companies. 
  • Weefsel Pharma’s well known dry powder injections are being manufactured at highly equipped plants with world class facilities, machineries, automated systems, etc. 
  • As a matter of fact, dry powder injection is a highly environmentally sensitive pharmaceutical product. Hence the packaging of our products is done with only A-Grade materials, coupled with multiple quality checks for a healthier shelf-life, as we move towards achieving the huge demand from the international market.
  • Being into the neo techno domain of dry powder injection manufacturing, Weefsel Pharma has an Exclusive Research and Development (R&D) team comprising highly experienced scientists, chemists and technicians with proficient knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry. 


Usual disadvantages of Dry Powder Injection

  • Spread of Infections in case of needle sharing 
  • Chances of Overdose
  • Scarring of Peripheral veins
  • Arterial pseudoaneurysms