Weefsel Pharma - A Worldwide Popular Ketoconazole Cream Manufacturer and Exporter in India 

Weefsel Pharma was established based on the only goal of providing the world with a vast range of core and allied healthcare products that showcases only the finest possible quality; coming from multiple categories. While moving towards the goal, we have successfully generated record high sales in this highly competitive world of pharmaceuticals. We take extreme pride to have been able to create a stable and constantly increasing market, across more than fifty countries, for our products and services

The portfolio that we are currently maintaining, include a wide range of pharma products. We are proudly delivering these to numerous countries across the globe. It should be noted here that we have included both branded as well as generic medicines in our product portfolio, having exclusive segments for both human healthcare as well as veterinary medicines. 

Among the medicines that we export worldwide, Ketoconazole is a pharmaceutical drug that has seen much demand. We as a globally reputed Ketoconazole manufacturer and exporter in India, are maintaining world-class standards in each of our production units.


Combinations of Ketoconazole Manufactured by Weefsel Pharma 

  • Ketoconazole + Neomycin + Tolnaftate + Iodochlorhydroxyquinoline + Clobetasol Propionate
  • Ketoconazole IP + Neomycin IP + Tolnaftate IP + Iodochlorhydroxyquinoline IP + Clobetasol Propionate IP


Dosage forms of Ketoconazole Manufactured by Weefsel Pharma 

Products :

Product/Composition Strength View
Ketoconazole, Neomycin, Tolnaftate, Iodochlorhydroxyquinoline and Clobetasol Propionate Cream 2% w/w + 0.1% w/w + 1% w/w + 1% w/w + 0.05% w/w View
Ketosel CT Cream 2% w/w + 0.1% w/w + 1% w/w + 1% w/w + 0.05% w/w View
Ketoconazole and Cetrimide Soap 2% w/w + 0.5% w/w View
Ketoconazole and Triclosan Soap 2% w/w + 0.3% w/w View
Ketoconazole, Zinc Pyrithione, and Glycerine Soap 2% w/w + 1% w/w + 4% w/w View
Ketoconazole, Zinc Pyrithione, Glycerine and Aloe Vera Soap 2% w/w + 1% w/w + 3% w/w + 2% w/w View
Ketoconazole Soap 1% w/w, 2% w/w View
Ketoconazole Solution 2% w/v View
Ketoconazole Tablets 200mg View
Ketoconazole Cream 2% w/w View
Ketoconazole Shampoo 1% w/v, 2% w/v View

What is Ketoconazole?   

Ketoconazole, also known as Ketoconazolum and Ketozole, is an antiandrogen and broad spectrum antifungal medication; used to treat a number of severe fungal infections when other agents are not of much use. Mostly preferred as a topical solution to the skin, it is quite effective against fungal skin infections such as tinea, cutaneous candidiasis, pityriasis versicolor, dandruff, and seborrheic dermatitis. Moreover it is also used in the treatment of excessive hair growth and Cushing's syndrome. 


How does Ketoconazole work? 

Ketoconazole interacts with 14-α-sterol demethylase, a cytochrome P-450 enzyme necessary for the conversion of lanosterol to ergosterol. This results in inhibition of ergosterol synthesis and increased fungal cellular permeability due to reduced amounts of ergosterol present in the fungal cell membrane. This metabolic inhibition also results in accumulation of 14α-methyl-3,6-diol, a toxic metabolite. The increase in membrane fluidity is also thought to produce impairment of membrane-bound enzyme systems as components become less closely packed. 


Popular Treatments or Diseases and Health Issues associated with Ketoconazole  

  • Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)
  • Blastomycosis
  • Candidiasis, Systemic
  • Chromoblastomycosis
  • Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis (CMC)
  • Coccidioidomycosis
  • Dandruff
  • Endogenous Cushing's Syndrome
  • Fungal Infections
  • Histoplasmosis
  • Paracoccidioidomycosis
  • Seborrheic Dermatitis
  • Tinea Corporis caused by Epidermophyton floccosumin
  • Tinea Corporis caused by Trichophyton mentagrophytes
  • Tinea Corporis caused by Trichophyton rubrum
  • Tinea Cruris caused by Epidermophyton floccosumin
  • Tinea Cruris caused by Trichophyton mentagrophytes
  • Tinea Cruris caused by Trichophyton rubrum
  • Tinea Pedis caused by Epidermophyton floccosumin
  • Tinea Pedis caused by Trichophyton mentagrophytes
  • Tinea Pedis caused by Trichophyton rubrum
  • Vaginal Candidiasis
  • Vulvovaginal Candidiasis
  • Cutaneous candidiasis
  • Recalcitrant Dermatophytosis
  • Tinea versicolor caused by Malassezia infection


When to avoid taking Ketoconazole? 

  • Allergic reactions
  • History of allergic reactions to similar medicines 
  • Heart problems (Consult doctor before consuming tablets)
  • Liver diseases (Consult doctor before consuming tablets)
  • Severe Gastrointestinal issues (Consult doctor before consuming tablets)


Popular Brand Names of Ketoconazole 

  • Extina 
  • Ketodan
  • Ketoderm
  • Nizoral
  • Xolegel


Substitutes of Ketoconazole 

  • 1,3-dichlorobenzene 
  • Acetal 
  • Acetamide 
  • Alkyl aryl ether 
  • Amine 
  • Amino acid or derivatives 
  • Aminophenyl ether 
  • Aniline or substituted anilines 
  • Aromatic heteromonocyclic compound 
  • Aryl chloride 
  • Aryl halide 
  • Azacycle 
  • Azole 
  • Benzenoid 
  • Carbonyl group 
  • Carboxamide group 
  • Carboxylic acid derivative 
  • Chlorobenzene 
  • Dialkylarylamine 
  • Ether  
  • Halobenzene 
  • Heteroaromatic compound 
  • Hydrocarbon derivative 
  • Imidazole 
  • Ketal 
  • Meta-dioxolane 
  • Monocyclic benzene moiety 
  • N-arylpiperazine 
  • N-substituted imidazole 
  • Organic nitrogen compound 
  • Organic oxide 
  • Organic oxygen compound 
  • Organochloride 
  • Organohalogen compound 
  • Organonitrogen compound 
  • Organooxygen compound 
  • Organopnictogen compound 
  • Oxacycle 
  • Phenol ether 
  • Phenoxy compound 
  • Phenylpiperazine 
  • Tertiary aliphatic/aromatic amine  
  • Tertiary amine 
  • Tertiary carboxylic acid amide