Weefsel Pharma - Powder Manufacturer and Supplier in India

As a globally acclaimed pharmaceutical manufacturer and exporter, Weefsel Pharma has curated an exclusive catalogue of various core and allied pharmaceutical products; for manufacturing and exporting. Powder manufacturing and exporting is one such service that has gained huge demand apart from other items like medicated soap, shampoo, mouthwash, condoms, gargle, etc.

Products :

Product/Composition Strength View
Racecadotril Sachet 10mg View
Neomycin, Bacitracin and Sulphacetamide Powder 60mg + 5mg + 250IU View
Itraconazole Powder 1% w/w View

What is a powder or medicated powder or pharmaceutical powder? 

Pharmaceutical powders or medicated powders are a solid dosage form of various medicines, that might be composed of one or more pharmaceutical drugs, in a finely granulated state or without any excipients. These are found in crystalline or amorphous forms.  


Various uses of medicated or pharmaceutical powder form of dosage 

  • Used for both internal and external application of different medicines 
  • Used as antifungal for certain skin infections  
  • Controlled administration of medicines 
  • Oral administration of certain pharmaceutical drugs in solid dosage form
  • Might be used for compounding procedures by pharmacists in preparing other solid or liquid dosages 
  • Capsule fillers 
  • Cosmetological use as body powder 


Advantages of the  medicated or pharmaceutical powders 

  • Ideally used for both internal and external applications 
  • More stable than liquid form of dosage
  • Easier administration for patients who cannot swallow tablets and capsules 
  • Onset of action is faster than tablets and capsules


Why choose Weefsel Pharma as a medicated or pharmaceutical Powder Manufacturer in India?

  • Best Ingredients 
  • Best Components
  • Best Packaging 
  • Capacity for large scale powder production
  • Delivery to 50+ Countries
  • Delivery coupled with Timeliness 
  • Delivered to 5000+ Companies
  • Highest standard storage measures 
  • Manufacturing both Branded and Generic products
  • Most stringent testing sessions
  • Value for money


Quality solutions followed for medicated or pharmaceutical powder manufacturing by Weefsel Pharma

  • As a responsible pharmaceutical manufacturer and exporter, Weefsel Pharma aims at providing quality and affordable healthcare solutions.
  • Packaging is done with A-Grade materials, and multiple quality checks are maintained in order to assure healthier shelf-life for the packed product.
  • All of the manufacturing units are being equipped with world class facilities, machineries, automated systems, etc; enabling us to achieve world class quality and meet the huge demand, coming from the international market.
  • Weefsel has got into the neo techno domain of manufacturing; forming a wide spectrum of healthcare production.
  • Exclusive Research and Development (R&D) team comprising highly experienced scientists, chemists and technicians from the pharmaceutical industry.


Usual side effects of using medicated or pharmaceutical powder 

  • Might have an unpleasant taste 
  • Not ideal for deliquescent and hygroscopic drugs 
  • Appropriate weighing is not possible for amounts less than 100 gms.


Most popular Powder manufactured by Weefsel Pharma 

  • Itraconazole Powder