Weefsel Pharma - Teriparatide Injection Manufacturer and Exporter in India 

The vast product catalogue of Weefsel Pharma consists of a wide range of core and allied pharmaceutical items that we manufacture as well as export across the globe with utmost diligence. 

Among the list of the crucial core pharmaceutical drugs that are manufactured and exported by Weefsel Pharma, teriparatide injection happens to be a very important product, considering the bulk of order we are meeting incessantly. This has culminated into making us one of the leading teriparatide injection manufacturers in India.

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What is Teriparatide Injection? 

Teriparatide happens to be a form of parathyroid hormone (PTH) consisting of the first (N-terminus) 34 amino acids, which is the bioactive portion of the hormone. Teriparatide is most identical to a portion of human parathyroid hormone. 

It is an effective anabolic agent (agent that promotes bone formation) used in the treatment of some forms of osteoporosis. Occasionally, it can also be used to speed up fracture healing. Its intermittent use activates osteoblasts more than osteoclasts, which leads to an overall increase in the bone density.


Different uses or treatments involving the use of Teriparatide Injection

  • Increase bone density
  • Reducing the risk of fragility fractures
  • Speed up fracture repair 
  • Treating fracture nonunions
  • Treating osteoporosis caused by menopause
  • Gonadal failure


Administering of Teriparatide Injection

A teriparatide injection is to be injected subcutaneously i,e under the skin; in the thigh or lower stomach area. This medication comes in the form of prefilled pens.


Why is Weefsel Pharma one of the leading Teriparatide Injection manufacturers in India?

  • As one of the leading teriparatide injection manufacturers in India, Weefsel Pharma is absolutely driven by the mission of  providing affordable and world class quality healthcare solutions. We are already known for our impeccable delivery to 50+ countries and more than 5000 companies. 
  • The teriparatide injections from Weefsel Pharma, are manufactured at highly equipped plants with world class facilities, machineries, automated systems, etc, and packed with only the A-Grade materials. They are all made to run through multiple quality checks for an extended and healthier shelf-life; turning them into world class healthcare solutions.
  • Getting into the neo techno domain of pharma manufacturing, we have an Exclusive Research and Development (R&D) team of highly experienced scientists, chemists and technicians with proficient knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry. 


Usual side effects of Teriparatide Injection

  • Dizziness 
  • Fast heartbeat 
  • Fainting
  • Constipation 
  • Unusual tiredness 
  • Excessive mood swings 
  • Serious allergic reactions like itching or swelling, especially of the face or tongue or throat 
  • Troubled breathing