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The pharmaceutical industry is growing more and more competitive, with every year. It needs no special mention that the pharma industry in India has taken up pace post the Covid-19 pandemic like never before. With huge investments and prospects this industry is creating a global benchmark beyond anyone’s expectations. 

Considering the sudden boom in the industry, numerous pharmaceutical manufacturing and exporting companies are popping up anywhere and everywhere possible. 

So how do you get the best of the lot? Well, of course there are certain parameters that the best pharma manufacturing firm needs to meet diligently. 

1. Company background, positive history and goodwill are must

When it comes to the pharma manufacturers in India, no one wants to do business with a company that doesn’t have a proper background or has no positive history. 

Hence, while choosing any pharma manufacturing firm, it is important to look out for a company that has an authenticate and positive background, and can offer much potential and reliability

Unfortunately, there have been instances when people got duped miserably and got trapped by fake companies which did not have any authenticated history. That is why one needs to do crosscheck and sufficient research on the company profile by digging into the past records. 

Further, when it comes to knowing about the credibility, one needs to have a look at the goodwill or the value of the pharma manufacturing company. 

Did you know?

The principles of credibility and dependability have become the very foundation of Weefsel Pharma. Our motto is to move towards catering to the highly complicated pharma requirements, while keeping them affordable as well. Check out ‘Our Values & Core Strength’ at


2. Are you happy with the products offered? 

Opting for a company with an extensive product portfolio is very important. 

  • When certain pharma companies do not offer a wide range of products, it means the competitors might have a legitimate edge and would have a better chance of approaching the medical practitioners for promoting them. 

Did you know?

Weefsel Pharma is responsible for maintaining a vast catalogue of more than a thousand pharmaceutical drugs; under numerous categories, and that too in multiple dosage forms like tablets, capsules, syrups, etc. 


3. Does the company have enough Production Capacity?

It is no doubt extremely important to have the capacity of bulk production of all the products that are offered by the manufacturing firm. 

Did you know?

Weefsel Pharma is carrying full capacity of large scale production for all the products showcased under its various categories. Hence it is possible for the company to offer services like third party manufacturing, contract manufacturing, propaganda cum distribution, etc. 


4. Product Quality Above Anything Else!

The quality of products is definitely, by far, the most important factor while looking for a pharmaceutical manufacturing company anywhere in the world. Instead of watching out for discounted price ranges, one should look for the quality and standards maintained by the firm. 

  • Medical practitioners always prefer the pharma manufacturers in India which provide the finest quality medicines that stand at par with the world-class standards
  • Products with longer shelf-life are anytime more preferred, whether it is about branded drugs or generics; so that they do not have to incur any wastage and a subsequent loss. 

Did you know?

In this regard, Weefsel Pharma is one company that thrives on the ultimate goal of providing world-class quality branded and generic drugs, and that too at reasonable price ranges; following its pursuit of making this world a better place for mankind.


5. Sturdy Product Packaging  

The packaging should also be good so as to avoid any kind of possible damage that might happen to the medicines inside. Also, the product packaging not only makes the first impression in case of branded drugs but also for generic ones. Hence, it should be catchy enough. 

Did you know?

Weefsel Pharma is known to provide the best kind of packaging for zero damage to the contents. 


6. Customer Service or Client Support System 

A quick redressal of any complaint or issue restores the trust of the client in no time at all. Hence an ideal kind of customer service or a timey customer support system is absolutely one of the most critical parameters that should be taken into account while choosing a pharma manufacturing company

Did you know?

Weefsel Pharma offers you 24*7 customer support with utmost dedication and empathy. 


7. Industry Knowhow makes the Foundation 

Often choosing a completely new found company can prove to be hazardous for ones’ business, as they might not have the right set of expertise in dealing with the various issues that arises in a pharma business. 

  • An experienced company, by most of means, can handle numerous problems with the much required ease, and might even help in some unexpected ways, regarding the day to day activities of the business. 

Did you know?

The patrons of Weefsel Pharma, have ages of experience and the company acts on the insights by an exclusive R&D team comprising scientists, chemists and technicians with proficient knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry; brings the best possible cost effective quality manufacturing.


8. The Litmus Test of Market Reputation  

Opting for a company which has gained much appreciation and great reputation in the industry is also quite helpful; as it helps a lot in promoting the medicines organically and also achieving high sales. 

Did you know?

Weefsel Pharma is operational with more than five thousand companies. This itself speaks of the kind of reputation it has gained in the market. 


9. Market presence or Business Network 

It is advised to go for a pharma company that has the maximum network across the globe. 

Did you know?

Speaking of business network, Weefsel Pharma has built a network with more than fifty countries till now, including the African countries and Middle East.  


10. The Mandatory Certifications 

Companies with ISO and WHO-GMP certifications, means they have the legal authority to produce and distribute drugs. 

Did you know?

Weefsel Pharma offers world-class quality WHO-GMP certified products. Our manufacturing facilities strictly meet the GMP norms, laid down in the “Revised Schedule M” by the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI), Ministry of Health, and Government of India; apart from being ISO, FDCA–INDIA, WHO cGMP, accredited.


11. Clean and Transparent Business Policies 

It is extremely crucial to have transparent set of business policies and conditions that supports the ease of doig business in the world of of pharmaceutical manufacturing. 

Did you know?

Weefsel Pharma happens to be a privately owned and fully independent pharmaceutical manufacturing and exporting company that offers the most convenient set of policies, terms and conditions for doing business. Weefsel provides all its client the best possible professional ecology for pharma manufacturing business while maintaining great rapport with each one of them.


12. Financial Detailing Is Added Bonus 

A clear mentioning of even the smallest details about financial transactions or payments is highly appreciated, in any business. Hence a pharma company offering a detailed system of recording even the most miniscule transactions against any of the pharmaceutical supplies, definitely gets more preference than those who don’t. 

Did you know?

It needs no mention here that Weefsel Pharma takes care of every minute detailing of each and every transaction, in terms of the flow of both supplies and money.  

Each of these parameters come up with different set of importance and should be considered diligently while one tries to get hold of the best pharma manufacturer in India; even though each of them might carry different weightage for different onlookers.